100% cotton textiles responsibly made in Portugal.

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Laundry Care

Designed to comfort & endure, your Cleverly will age well if laundered with care.


  • Made of superfine, long-staple cotton you’ll get the best out of your Cleverly by washing & drying at low temperatures.  
  • Wash at or below 40 ℃ and take care not to overload the machine. Cotton is at its finest with a moisture content of 7% – this means tumble drying on the lowest temperature setting and, if line-drying is preferred, avoiding the full glare of the harsh sun.  
  • In terms of frequency, we recommend washing superfine cotton every 7 uses i.e. once a week.  
  • Cleverly pyjamas have been pre-shrunk. Sheets will shrink a negligible 5% after the first wash. 


  • Before first use, wash your Cleverly terry in the designated laundry bag, this is a nifty hack to stabilise the loops & maximise absorption. Wash at or below 40 ℃ and try not to overload the machine. Tumble dry on the lowest temperature setting.  
  • Our terry loops are extra long for extra plush texture & a smoother handfeel. If the loops catch on something jagged or sharp it may lead to the occasional pulled thread. If this occurs, simply use scissors to snip it at the source (i.e. at the same level as the other loops). To prevent threads from pulling in the first place, always wash your Cleverly terry in its laundry bag.  
  • To maintain optimal softness, we recommend keeping your towels moving in a tumble dryer. If you prefer line-drying, position towels in the shade and in the breeze.  
  • In terms of frequency, we recommend laundering terry towels & robes every 3 - 5 uses.  


All Cleverly terry comes in a designated laundry bag. This custom cotton voile bag is specially designed to protect your terry in the machine, we recommend using it for every wash.


  • When it comes to Cleverly laundry, less is more – too much detergent can lead to musty smells and reduced absorption. Fabric softener can also compromise absorption. Both issues are easily solved – simply include ½ cup of white vinegar in the fabric softener compartment of your washing machine, the vinegar will act as a natural antibacterial & softening agent. 
  • Terry products may shed some cotton fluff during your first few washes. This shedding is typical of plush fabric and, rest assured, a short-lived scenario. 
  • Over time, and with regular washing the ‘pull-ability’ of Cleverly terry loops will reduce dramatically. 
  • Certain skincare & cleaning products may contain peroxide and/or chlorine bleach which cause fabric discoloration, as such, we recommend avoiding contact with Cleverly products.  

Should you have any other queries regarding how best to care for your Cleverly, our customer care team would be delighted to discuss all things textiles & laundry.

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